Book Errata

While we make our best effort to provide 100% accurate information, sometimes errors unfortunately slip by.   This page lists any known mistakes in the book. Please contact us via email if you feel you found a mistake, or use the comment section below and we will post the errata here.

FastTrackBlackjack: The Basic Strategy Book: 1001 Problems and Drills:
May 2014   Rev 1.1

Drill 21:   Player 4:   If you have a pair of 9's, and the dealer shows a 7, the correct answer is stand.  Do not split in this case since you have a hard 18, and dealer most likely has 17.

Drill 132:   Player 1:   If you have an ace and 7 (soft 18), and the dealer shows a 9, the correct answer is hit (assume your soft 18 loses to dealer 19 so hit and take free chance for A,2, or 3).

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